The Marches is the only region in Italy with a plural name. It extends over an area of about 10,000 square kilometres that stretches from the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea. It is mostly comprised of gentle, parallel, hills rolling down from the mountainous internal area to the Adriatic coast. The Marches is located in the centre of the Italian peninsula, it extends over an area between the Apennine mountain range in the west of the region and the Adriatic Sea in the East. It borders five regions namely, Abruzzo, Lazio, Tuscany, Umbria and Emilia Romagna. Within an area of less than 10,000 square kilometres there are five provinces, Pesaro-Urbino, Ancona, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno; 246 municipalities all with their own distinguishing characteristics: The Marches is an all-round beautiful region or as the political scientists and economists put it, one big city. On the gentle rolling hills sloping towards the plains stand the Castles that remind us of the Medieval times when Jesi conquered the neighbouring territories and built fourteen fortresses for defence.

One of the most interesting native Italian vines has been grown on the slopes of these enchantingly beautiful hills since Roman times: Verdicchio.

It is thanks to the combination of the clay and limestone soil in this region, meeting the air-currents that rise from the sea to the nearby valleys, nowhere else to be found, that the Verdicchio dei Castelli Jesi has found its ideal geomorphological habitat. Its excellent quality/price ratio has ensured its success and growth, making it one of the most loved and consumed white wines by Italians.

The ‘Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi’ made from grapes grown in the most ancient vine-growing traditional "terroirs" of this area boasts the appellation Classico. The D.O.P. (Protected Denomination of Origin) classification also includes the Classico Superiore, Classico Riserva, Passito and Spumante.

The "Castelli di Jesi Verdicchio Riserva Classico" has got the prestigious D.O.C.G. appellation, the highest classification Italian wines can be awarded. This wine must be aged for at least 18 months and a minimum of six of these must be in the bottle.