In the late 1940s, Umberto Ceci bought a small plot of land in S. Paolo di Jesi, in a hamlet called Battinebbia devoted to the growing of Verdicchio grapes. In the early 1950s, the land was assigned to Amato and his wife Maria, keen growers who started to produce and sell their wines from the farm building on the estate.

Their experience and passion for their vineyard, carefully tended to guarantee the quality of the grapes, drew their son Maurizio and his wife Serenella into the project. Believing that change must be embraced if a business is to grow and improve, in 1992 a new project was developed: “Vignamato”, in other words “the Amato vine” — a symbol of our love for this adventure and the world of wine.

The brand very quickly reached superior levels of excellence with an exemplary formula melding the best of tradition with the latest technology. Using cutting-edge equipment, innovative technologies and sustainable agricultural techniques, the Vignamato estate, now also a “Teaching Farm”, developed a line of products recognized for their excellence without ever forsaking their origins and the strong bond with the traditions of the past.

The Ceci family, thanks to the youthful energy of children Alessandra, Andrea and Francesco, has taken the Vignamato brand to the highest levels possible, and higher still, garnering ever more acclaim and accolades in international markets.