The Ceci Family


With affinity and understanding, love and belonging, bound by an authentic and joyous Italian craft spirit, the Ceci family pulls together and forges ahead with the life force needed for a business that works in harmony with the natural world and its seasons.

Making Vignamato wines is a creative activity that the Ceci family devotes its heart and soul to every day. We offer a unique experience:

on your arrival at our winery you receive a warm and sincere welcoming embrace;
when you encounter the Vignamato brand at fairs or around the world, you’ll recognize it as the symbol of a genuine, authentic world;
when you taste the Vignamato collection of wines and sparkling wines, you’ll taste in every sip the generosity of a land that is respected and understood, sense the love of a family wishing you sincerity and happiness in every toast, and savour superior aromas and flavours.