The Family

Four generations of love for our land

Driven by love and passion for our land, we have been dedicated to the production of Verdicchio wine for four generations now.

Confrontation , harmony, complicity and a spirit of belonging are the key words that guide our family in an artisanal wine production in symbiosis with nature and its seasons.

Since 1952, day after day, we have cultivated and cared for our vineyards in order to produce and shape wines that are the most authentic and genuine reflection of our values, our tradition and, above all, our inimitable territory.

Today, at a time when climate change is all the rage, in the face of increasingly extreme and frequent climatic phenomena, our most important challenge is to preserve and enhance the nature of this territory, persevering with greater incisiveness on the road towards a more sustainable and less impactful type of agriculture, combining the teachings of the past with a greater awareness of today’s wine-growing world.

Today, Alessandra Andrea and Francesco, accompanied by their parents Maurizio and Serenella, are leading the family business towards new challenges, on the one hand caring for and preserving the old family vineyards, and on the other opening up to new wine-growing areas, always within the oldest Verdicchio area, with the idea of emphasising the importance of zoning and the peculiarities of the different vineyards.


The ability to always convey all his knowledge, passion and enthusiasm.


The backbone on which every member of our family clings.


The intelligence of always finding the most effective solution, summarizing everyone’s thinking.


Great determination to always improve in what he has been passionate about since childhood.


Kindness and friendliness at the service of every person who comes into contact with our world.

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