Viticulture is a choice of Life, not a job

The vineyards we cultivate, the result of great sacrifices, good and not so good seasons, experience and awareness acquired over time, represent for us the beating heart of the entire production.
Only by working carefully in accordance with the principles and rhythms of nature and the plants is it possible to obtain quality grapes.
By espousing the creed of low yields, proper management of the earth’s resources and harvesting at the right stage of ripeness, we help the terroir to express itself at its best.

We pay special attention to the diversification of individual vineyards and different production areas, to produce wines that can enhance these diversities and nuances, in a deep and constant dialogue with the terroir.

In fact, we believe that each of the different areas is able to give us wines with their own character and stylistic imprint.

No chemical products are used, even in the most difficult vintages and conditions, trying in this way to be even more adherent to our territory, our climate and our tradition.

The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand, selecting only the best bunches.

We age our wines in vitrified cement containers (as per tradition) and in steel, giving special importance to the aging phase, both in tanks and later in bottles.

All this expresses our way of thinking and acting , marked by sustainable and ecological values

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