Currently, the winery's vineyard area is about 26 hectares distributed over 8 distinct plots with unique characteristics and peculiarities, respecting and enhancing the terroir and the vineyards themselves.

The beating heart of the winery is concentrated in the San Paolo di Jesi area: 17 hectares of vineyards divided into different areas.
The remaining vineyards are located in the municipalities of Maiolati Spontini and Cupramontana.

The main grape variety cultivated is Verdicchio, to which is flanked by the cultivation of Bruni 54 (crossbreeding by pollination of Verdicchio and Sauvignon Blanc) and some red grape varieties characteristic of the Castelli di Jesi area such as Montepulciano , Sangiovese and Lacrima di Morro d’Alba.
Small plots of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot complete the vineyard surface.

Within the farm property we also find the cultivation of sour cherries (prunus cerasus) for the production of a strorical drink of our tradition, the Vì di visciola (a flavored drink made of wine and sour cherry) and an olive grove of about one hectare with numerous centuries-old plants of Mignola, Carboncella, Raggia and Orbetana from which we obtain our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Soil composition varies from area to area, offering wines with unique character and stylistic imprint.
Making a subdivision of the different vineyards, we can classify them as follows


Follonica area
:east (3.3 ha) – north/northeast (2 ha)
Soil composition: sandstone, sedimentary rock
Altitude: 250-350 mt asl

Valle delle Lame and Contrada Battinebbia area
: northeast (3.5 ha) – southeast (7 ha)
Soil composition: clay-medium mixture. Increasing sandy component
Altitude: 230 mt asl


Exposure: north-north/east (3.5 ha) – east (2 ha)
Soil composition: in the area with eastern exposure we find a prevalence of the sandy component; in the area with northern exposure, on the other hand, we have a prevalence of the limestone component.
Altitude: 350-450 m asl


Contrada San Michele area
: east-northeast (2 ha)
Soil composition: limestone with predominance of clay, marl and chalk.
Altitude: 350 mt asl

The important slopes of the different vineyards are of fundamental importance for the exchange of air and the ripening of the Verdicchio grapes.

Average age of the vineyards: 25-35 years.

Sustainable viticulture today is an integral part of our production philosophy. Reducing interventions and external inputs to a minimum, both in the vineyard and in the winery, allows us to maximize the “terroir” and the capacity for expression of each individual vineyard.

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