It was the late 1940s when Umberto Ceci bought a small plot of land in S. Paolo di Jesi in the Battinebbia district dedicated to the production of Verdicchio grapes.


At the beginning of the 1950s, Umberto assigned the land to Amato (one of his fifhteen children) and his wife Maria, who were passionate winemakers and started the business of producing and selling the wines they produced.


Guided by this great passion, Amato and Maria also involved their son Maurizio and his wife Serenella.


Convinced that in order to grow and improve, one must be open to change and confrontation, in the early 2000s Maurizio and Serenella gave life to a new production project: “Vignamato”, in fact “Amato’s vineyard”, a dedication of love to those who understood the great potential of Verdicchio and its unique territory.


The company, now in its fourth generation, under the careful supervision of parents Maurizio and Serenella, is run by their three children, Alessandra, Andrea and Francesco, who are now the main custodians of this tradition.

Alessandra, the eldest, takes care of the administrative side; Andrea is in charge of production and development of the foreign market; Francesco, the youngest, of the Italian market.

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